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The Alphard is known to be one of Toyota's popular, full-size luxury MPVs - arguably one of the best in the segment. If you have one, you might want to read on to see how you can boost its already tremendous ride.

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With the not-so-tamed Manila streets, plus the rainy season, you are bound to experience a much less adaptive ride when moving around the city. With the Alphard, it demands luxury even with the most horrendous conditions. With this being said, KW stepped up for the challenged and developed a set of dedicated coil-overs for this executive transport vehicle. 

The KW team developed a top-of-line KW Variant 3 kit dedicated for the Alphard (third generation) model from 2015. Compounded with a durable stainless steel build, it provides the Alphard a much more good-looking stance. 

KW also developed a similar kit for the Vellfire (second generation) if you're one of the few who had access to this in the Philippine market.

Permaisuri | Rays Homura 2x9 Jet Black Edition on Toyota Alphard

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Even with aftermarket wheels up to 21", the premium KW suspensions provide a significant improvement to the overall ride quality and enhances the driving physics of the van, making it much more enjoyable to maneuver around the city.

Among other culprits, these KWs aim to eliminate the wallowy rear shocks of the Alphard. Want to understand how this exactly works? We might need to get into technicals for that. Watch these videos below:

Rebound Adjustment

Compression Adjustment

Damper Technology

For the first time, the always-reliable KW team has come up with premium variants of their coil-overs for the Alphard, which a lot of owners are longing for. Whether you're on the expressway, highways, or the mean streets of the metro, KW has got you covered!

If you're considering getting suspensions for your Toyota Alphard, we strongly, and we mean STRONGLY, recommend investing in KW's Variant 3 kit to be able to experience the full capability of your luxury transport. Get the most out of it! 

Reach out to us and inquire today before they're gone! Limited quantities on stock.

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