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LX-F - changes starting August 16:

Take note that Recaro won't carry anymore IN110 variant in black and grey. This will be replaced with the WU100 variant made of UltraSuede outer fabric in either black or brown (same with SR-7F GU100) and middle fabric will be a new “LA Wool” material but looks similar as the old LX-F. New variant is now called WU100

  • “W” for LA Wool
  • “U” for UltraSuede
  • “A/R” for with armrest provision
SRP: LX-F WU100 A/R - P75,300 each.


For leather, price is the same and leather material is the same as before. Only the center material will change so the new variant name will be:

  • LX-F WL110H A/R.
  • “W” for LA Wool
  • “L” for Leather
  • “H” for heater which is standard for all leather variants.
  • “A/R” for with armrest provision
SRP: LX-F WL100H A/R - P96,300 each.


Accepting orders for the new variant is Aug. 16.

Accepting orders for the last variant is until Aug. 20 or until supplies last.


Reach out to us and inquire today before they're gone! Limited quantities on stock.

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