Meet the Toyota GR101 Hypercar

Just a few hours ago, Toyota Gazoo Racing unveiled its Hypercar, the GR101 Hybrid. And some might notice that looks very similar to an LMP1 car, and that's because it's meant to take its place.

Toyota GR101 HybridThe biggest difference between the GR101 and its predecessors is what lies underneath the carbon fiber body. Where Toyota’s TS040 & TS050 LMP1 Hybrids (2014-2020) pushed well over 1,000+ HP; the new GR101 Hybrid will be capped at just 680HP. That approximately 32% less power from the 2020 LMP1 car.

Toyota GR101 HybridThe KERS system on the new GR101 Hybrid is also different in the way it puts out power. Whereas the Toyota's LMP1 Hybrid used most of its power from the kinetic energy recovery system, especially during initial acceleration the 2021 car will have most of its power come from the 3.5liter twin-turbo V6. 

For the GR101 the kinetic energy recovery system will provide just 272HP and while the rest of the 680HP will come from the combustion engine.

Toyota GR101 HybridTypically new cars will produce faster times compared to its predecessor, but that's not the case here. Toyota estimates that the car will be around 10 sec slower compared to the LMP1 TS050 Hybrid, and that's mainly because it has 32% less power, it's also 250mm longer, 100mm wider, and 100mm taller than the 2020 car. 

Toyota GR101 HybridThe GR101 Hybrid is set to compete with the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and ByKolles team from Germany. Can't wait to see how competitive the Hypercar class will be and what teams will join in the future. 

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