Remus Exhaust

Founded in 1990 in Austria, REMUS is known throughout the world for building some of the best exhaust systems out there. And if you don’t believe me, here are some of the major brands that work with REMUS for their exhaust systems.

Remus ExhaustRemus ExhaustRemus ExhaustNow that you’ve seen the brands that REMUS works with let's talk about what makes REMUS special.

First, all REMUS exhaust are all designed and built at their facilities in Europe. Both automotive and motorcycle exhaust systems are available from REMUS and the best part is REMUS makes exhaust systems for pretty much every automotive brand. So, whether you’ve got a German, American, or Japanese brand REMUS has an exhaust system for you.

Remus ExhaustRemus ExhaustRemus ExhaustNot only does REMUS design and manufacture exhaust systems for automotive brands, but they are also the go-to exhaust systems for a lot of the major tuners in Europe. Brands like ABT Sportsline which specializes in Audi’s, Brabus, TechArt, Lorinser and so much more all count on REMUS for their aftermarket exhaust systems.

Remus Exhaust
Most REMUS exhaust systems can be had in either an axle-back or full cat-back system.

An axle-back exhaust consists of all the exhaust components after the rear axle, this normally includes the muffler and exhaust tip(s). Axle-backs are typically shorter and more affordable and easier to install compared to a cat-back exhaust.

Remus ExhaustRemus ExhaustMeanwhile, a cat-back exhaust system consists of the entire exhaust system after the catalytic converter. This includes the mid-pipe, muffles, and tailpipe as well. A cat-back will make more power compared to a stock exhaust system or an axle-back, it will also produce more exhaust sound that can really bring your car to life.

Remus ExhaustAll REMUS exhaust systems are tested in their 12Million sound room where they can do proper R&D for each application, ensuring that every exhaust system from REMUS produces great power gains and sound incredible.

Remus ExhaustREMUS also has a sound controller available for most of its exhaust system. The REMUS sound controller allows the driver to take full control and customization the exhaust valve position, this allows the driver to control how loud the exhaust notes will be at certain parameters. In short, you can make your car super quiet when you don’t want to wake up your love ones or you can have the vales wide open so that everyone can hear your car scream all the time.

For more info about REMUS exhaust system, contact the Partspro.PH customer care team at 09177030700, they will be able to assist you with any of your REMUS exhaust questions.

Remus ExhaustRemus Exhaust

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