Michelin AirLess Tires

The concept of Air Less tires have been around for years now and recently GM and Michelin have unveiled a prototype called the Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System). The Uptis is Michelin-made tire intended for passenger cars, the construction consist of rubber and fiberglass reinforced resin that create spokes or ribs that substitute air pressure. This is sandwiched between the outer tread and the inner aluminum wheel. It may look completely different compared to typical tires, but Michelin claims it's just as comfortable.

More importantly, there's a tangible roadmap. GM will start testing the Uptis in Michigan later in 2019 on a fleet of smaller Chevy cars and expects the finished version to reach production cars as soon as 2024.

Airless tires technology reduces the need for environmentally harmful tire production, and eliminates the need for a spare tire that adds weight and shrinks fuel economy.

Don't be shocked if this becomes the norm, as the automotive industry will be full of surprises in the years to come.

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