Not for the Porsche purist

Hot Rodding a car is a pretty simple concept thats usually applied on American cars. But this time around Rob Emory applied it to this Frankenstein Porsche, the 356 RSR.

This beast is a started its life as a rusty 1960 Porsche 356B that was found in a barn. Rob Emory and his team has changed all of the body work with all new hand formed aluminum body panels, with hand hammered louvers. The front fender are extend just enough to make it noticeable but nothing super wide crazy like what you'd find from other builders. The rear fenders features intake ducts to bring cold air into the heart of the 356RSR.

The 356 RSR is powered by 2.4liter custom build flat 4 motor that started its life as a 964 flat 6. Pushing just under 400hp by way of two Garrett GT28R and only weighing 1,950lbs make this 356 RSR one ridiculously quick car.

The interior features 2 vintage style Momo buckets along a Momo 6 point racing harness thats hooked up to a roll change in the back. A newly release Momo Heritage Prototipo steering wheel takes center stage in the interior along with  as the Momo shift knob and Momo pedals. The Momo theme goes continues on the exterior as well by way of the center locking 5-spoke Momo wheels 

This car is absolutely ridiculous and I mean that in a good way.

Check out this video of Rob Emory explaining the 356RSR himself.

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