PartsPro Racing’s Tyson Sy Dominates at the Motul Radical Challenge

PartsPro Racing’s Tyson Sy solidifies his mark at the Motul Radical Challenge

Tyson Sy combed through the stiff competition and emerged as the sole dominating force amongst the drivers in the exhibition race launched by Radical Cars PH. Full race details as you read on.

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PartsPro Racing Wonder Boy

Tyson Sy is a decorated driver that has been racing for PartsPro Racing since 2015. His credentials include: Asian Formula 3 Champion, Philippine National Formula 3 Champion, Partspro Philippine Endurance driver, Asian Formula 4 driver, Fomula V1 Champion. Sy also helps out in driver management and coaches PartsPro Drivers. 

Motul Radical Challenge Experience

The Motul Radical Challenge showcased five (5) of UK’s finest purpose-built sports racing machines over the 3rd leg of the Petron Philippine Motorsports Championship on the September 25-26 weekend at the Clark International Speedway (CIS)

After a significant 2-year delay due to local COVID-restriction, Motul, Radical and along with PartsPro, other sponsors, spectators and drivers managed to come together to finally deliver one of the most awaited races in the local motorsport scene. It’s with incredible excitement to fully appreciate the FIA-safety approved cars Radical managed to bring into Philippine shores. The challenge brought together professional drivers like Tyson Sy of PartsPro Racing, amateur Radical cars owners, and Radical PH team members onto the grid together to celebrate the FIA safety approved cars. This included the:

  • GT4 class SR1 which is dubbed to be Radical’s entry level vehicle; and,
  • GT3 class SR3 with even more power and added aeros.

Vehicle Overviews 

An overview of the SR1 grabbed from the Radical website are as follows: 

“The SR1 is the first step on the Radical ladder, ideal for enthusiasts looking to take their circuit driving to the next level with a focused sports-racing car that has an excellent safety record.

Although entry level, the SR1 offers an outstanding package with unparalleled performance for money, that will get you on the grid in a professionally administered race series.”

You can check out more information on their website here:

We Missed the Incredible Smell of Burnt Rubber on the Track

The exhibition race of the Radical Challenge PH was executed at the FIA-recognized, 4.2 km Clark International Speedway circuit, located approx. 100km north of Manila, consisted of two (2) free practice sessions and a qualifying session on Saturday, a warm-up and two (2) 10-lap races on Sunday where Sy made his mark for the PartsPro Racing team. 

May be an image of text that says "PROVISIONAL RESULTS SPF TOTAL: 00:21:11 LAPS 42 KM 127.43 KM/H AVG POS LAPSTO P1 Sort by Position 1 4 #22 TYSON SY 10 WINNER! BEST LAP 2 2 #18 ANTONIO BRIAS 10 31.229 UNSP...FIED 2 /1:58.387 3 #14 MIKE CONSENHEIM 10 50.751 UNSP...FIED 6 1:58.866 #3 RON HU 10 64.438 UNSP...FIED 7 2:02.250 5 #36 PATRICK HESSE UNSP...FIED 9 2:01.131 UNSP...FIED"

Tyson Sy of PartsPro Racing earned a 1:58:365 in qualifying was edged out by Antonio Brias who took pole position with a 1:58:264. Take note that the exFormula3 driver, Sy, was in a slower SR1 compared to Brias’ SR3.

In the 2nd race of the day, reverse grid was implemented which Sy started at the back of the grid. Within the first two (2) laps of the race, Sy, enforced his absolute dominance as he climbed through the entire field in a short span. The PartsPro Racing driver was a clear standout in the crowd, now handling the quicker SR3 in this reverse grid setup. 

Other races involved PCRC President, Ron Hu, taking home the bronze trophy with an impressive 1:59:047 in his SR3. Hu is under the coaching eye of Coach Ivan Carapiet of Radical Racing Academy since 2020.

Behind the Sport

Behind the scenes, Marlon Stockinger, who is Radical PH’s motorsport director and race director made sure he created a safe and accessible scene where people can get a closer look at these one-of-a-kind automotive masterpieces, along with knowing more about the company, its plans and future race plans. This included a peek into the international scene where Radical’s Race the World program, that Radical owners can potentially participate in.

Future Races 

Looking ahead, Radical is excited to hold more races, more cars, and more diverse groups of drivers into the mix. The team aims to open up avenues for the local motorsport enthusiasts and talent for international racing opportunities through Radical’s global championship which is present in over 40 countries & over 60 different race tracks.


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