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A Beast On The Streets, The Freak in Au's Sheets

This machine was visiting Au in his dreams - it was that awesome! Now he's lining up for one, all because of this review! We've warned you. Still wanna continue reading? OK.

Love at First Sight

Au: "One day with a hot hatch that hasn’t officially launched on Manila soil. We definitely weren’t gonna pass this up."

That smile on Au's face says it all, man. He tackles every bit of this one of kind machine by Akio Toyoda. This first all-Toyota sports car in 20 years did not disappoint!

Watch the full review here:

Aftermarket Mods Recos

Au did point out a couple of edits he'd like to the GR Yaris. Here's the list:

"Change color for sure" (knowing Au, it would be that mean green color similar to his RX7)

Is this tuned Toyota GR Yaris better than the original? - Video - Roadshow

"High end coilovers" (KW Suspensions for sure - grab one for your car at while you're at. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to us!)

KW Clubsport 3-way for Toyota GR Yaris can now be ordered | Autoclinic Group

Catback exhaust (to push out the deserving rumble this monster deserves)

Catback exhaust: GRP Engineering – Toyota GR Yaris 3″ to Twin 2.5″  Stainless Steel – Yaris GR Store

Flow formed or Forged Wheels 18x9.5/10 (we already know that we have tons of options - reach out to us and find what best fit you, your budget, and your car)

Imagine A Toyota GR Yaris With Black Exterior And Bronze Wheels

Tires 265/35/18 (for tires, of course you'd have a lot of options too - this depend on your investment appetite - wide range that fits all budgets) Trying not to be biased here but the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 should do the trick!

Michelin pilot sport 4 265/35/18 new tyre tayar 18 - Car Accessories &  Parts for sale in Shah Alam, Selangor -

Lip kit (TRD/Tom’s etc)

2021 Toyota GR Yaris with body kit from Japanese tuner TOM's!

Wing (Varis, TRD, etc)

VARIS Arising-1 Adjustable Delta Wing in FRP+CFR for Toyota Yaris GR -  Garage88

And finally... In Au's own words: "if you ballin', you might want to add an Eventuri Intake for the sake of it."

Eventuri Intake system | Toyota Yaris GR | FXE | 2021+ ***PRE-ORDER*** –  DREAM AUTOMOTIVE

All of these you can find at - reach out to one of our customer service experts, and we'll find the parts that's right for you and your car.

Thanks for reading as always! 

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